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Second Lieutenant Michael Joseph Baker lost

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I came across an entry in the gazette for 3rd September 1915, were the above gentleman received a commission in the skins.  I had completed the rest on list but not this man! I cant find a MIC, anything on FMP or FWR that indicate he did anything at all.  I have come acorss other people that have not served overseas but they do have a MIC.  A record does exist on TNA, WO 339/42044, but it cant be downloadedBasically, i'm stumped. 


Anyone got any ideas where i might look? Or maybe have some information?


Yours frustrated,



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1.  Irish newspapers (findmypast):



2. Baptised:  18/04/1895, Longford


3.  1901 and 1911 Ireland Census:

Born Longford.


This may be him -


4.  Royal Irish Constabulary (ancestry):



5.  1939 Register (ancestry):



6.  Probate (ancestry):




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The following may be of interest (findmypast Irish newspapers):


1.  Michael J Baker was a teacher at Brow-of-the-Hill School, Derry, when he joined the Cadet Corps of the Irish Brigade in 1915:



2.  Michael J Baker, aged 27, of 56 Foyle Rd, ex-army officer and ex-member of the RIC, was stabbed in Londonderry on the night of 02 August 1922 and admitted to hospital. Two "A" Class Special Constables, John Kirk(e) and David Townley, were charged with assaulting Baker causing him grievous bodily harm. Baker made an application for £1,000 for personal injuries in October.


Listings from 03 August 1922:

https://search.findmypast.co.uk/search/irish-newspapers?date=1922-01-01&date_offsetdate=1922-12-31&lastname=michael baker&modifiedfacets=true&exactnames=true&exactkeywords=false&_=1598530033290&o=date&d=asc




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Thanks JPL & Harry


Had not thought to look at the newspaper articles. 


1901 census ireland the family is in Kinlough, Leitrim

1911 census ireland i think ive found him in Millford, Donegal.  His fathers occupation is not listed for some reason, but the children are born in different places. Birth certificate from genealogy ireland 14 April 1895 in Fairsbow (possibly) Longford.  His father Edwards occupation I think is Sergeant RIC (hard to read the writing). So if he was RIC this would explain the different postings around the country. His census return is held under Form H (Barrack Return) but i cant find the form lol


Look to have found his father Edward in the RIC records, stationed in Tyrone, Derry, Longford, Leitrim and Donegal.  This matches his kids births and where his wife was from, Tyrone. He retired to Derry and died 26 January 1944 (assumption from start of widows pension)


No Harry he didnt last long.  Can find no records of wounding or sickness for him, but that in itself doesnt mean much considering how few records do exist.  War Diary entry He clearly made the choice not to apply for his medals.


Thanks to JPL's newspaper search i did find a nasty incident when Michael was mistakenly stabbed by Special Constable Townley in Derry in 1922.  The case lasted two years, and may have prompted Michael to leave for England. He is described as an ex-officer, rather than a serving Constable, so had a look at the RIC records (FMP).  His DOB matches, location and religon, so you are right JPL. Constable 70178. He stayed until disbanded on 22nd March 1922. His previous occupation is described as Teacher/Soldier. He spent some time in Mayo as a constable.


1939 register, i cant find him on FMP lol but hes married ?! Probate shows Elizabeth, but cant find anything that matches well in Ireland or England


Thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it.



michael joseph baker birth certificate.jpg

S2_IRE_RIC_HO184_15-1290_GB-LND_102225722_00076 Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary service records 1816-1922  edward baker father of mj baker.jpg

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Cadet Corps for the Irish Brigade. Do they mean the 16th Irish Division or the 49th Brigade, which the 7th and 8th Battalions skins belonged to?  Is there any records of this Cadet Battalion???



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