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Matthew Green MFP P/274


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I have recently discovered that a relative of mine served with this regiment. As far as I knew, he was enlisted to the East Lancs Regiment 19062 and served abroad. Can anyone tell me where he would have been during the war? I know he was discharged in 1916 due to sickness. Many thanks as always.

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As he had been discharged due to sickness I hoped there would be a Pension record at the Western Front Association / Fold3

I was not disappointed [as 19062 East Lancs] but I am afraid it doesn't tell which Battalion he served with - which would really help

However, knowing a bigger picture always helps GWF pals, this is what was found:

Two x Disability Pension Ledger Cards =

Discharged  25/4/1916 - Chronic Bronchitis (attrib 40%) from 26/4/1916

YoB: 1870

Address: 16 Heap St, Burnley

Died 9.4.1926

1 x Widow's Pension Card =

Widow: Catherine

Address: 118 Briarcliffe Road, Burnley

Hope these details are of interest and may help track more  of his service record

:-) M

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Many thanks. According to a medal record I found for him it lists him being in MFP as well as the East Lancs. Would he have been attached to the East Lancs whilst a MFP? It’s the first time I have come across this and haven’t a clue where to find anything else. 

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Would he have been attached to the East Lancs whilst a MFP?




His MIC indicates that his first service was with the MFP as a L/Cpl an appointment he had to have as a member of that Corps.


He qualified for his medals with the MFP as indicated by the MIC.


He then later served as a Private with the East Lancashires.



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With the exception of former policemen or similar it was a usual rule that the MFP recruited directly from the infantry and other dismounted arms of the army.  The MMP (the mounted) branch similarly recruited from the cavalry and other mounted arms.  Each such transferee then had to serve out a period of probation before formal acceptance.  A man could at any time request a return to his original unit, or be returned compulsorily if found to be unsuitable.  Some men were also combed out to return due to the constant need for infantry casualty replacements.  It seems likely then that he started at some point with the infantry, presumably the East Lancashire Regiment, and then later was returned for one reason or another to that regiment.

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