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Pension card - disability - Notts and Derby

james drury

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Hi all, 


Just wanted to get opinion on the disability on this pension card. possibly GSW Head. ? - I could be wrong on that. 

no service record for the chap 

Have found his medal roll and card  and also his name in the absence voters list. 

Appears to have been Notts and Derby then Labour corp, 484 agricultural company. 

Just trying to build a picture of what he might have done and where. 

Any opinions pointers much appreciated. 







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Hello James


Yes, it is GSW (gun shot wound) to the head. It is probably why he was medically downgraded and transferred to the Labour Corps.


His six-figure number with the Notts and Derby Regt suggests that he was in either 1/4th or 2/4th Battalion when he first went abroad, and this occurred in 1917 or 1918.



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  • james drury changed the title to Pension card - disability - Notts and Derby

Is there any chance he could have been 2/5th Notts and Derby.

have managed to look  through the medal rolls for the N&D and thought he isn't on it, the men in sequence either side of his number are almost all 2/5th. 


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I had forgotten that the N&D had a Special Reserve 4th Bn, so the first TF battalions would have been 1/5th and 2/5th, which is consistent with the number range starting at 200000. Please re-read my earlier post accordingly.





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Thank you :-)


We have an old photo in the family  we have tried to figure out ... no details on it sadly and it pretty poor quality but wondered if it could be the chap - will never know I guess.  -  just wondered if his shoulder badge looked like a 2/5th notts and derby one ( if I have the right badge) 






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  • 2 weeks later...

HOL? Home on Leave maybe - unsure if it’s an N or O

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