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2Lt Arthur Nattle Grigg RFA photo ID? - RFA officer cadets commissioned 8/10/1916


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I am trying to put 'names-to-faces' for a large photo of (130) RHA/RFA cadets at 1 Cadet School St Johns Wood, taken sometime summer 1916. It includes a number of men known to have been commissioned 8/10/1916, which suggests some other possible names. Amongst these was Arthur Nattle Grigg. a NewZealander, a politician postWWI and killed with NZEF in 1941 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Grigg

There is a photo of him on Wikipedia [public domain - attached] but wonder if anyone knows of another, younger[?] to compare with my photograph taken in 1916 [attached].. which, to me, looks like it is  him.

If anyone knows of a photo of others in that group of commissioned cadets, I would be interested to see to see if i can locate them on my photo. These were:

Norman Maclain Dempster.

Arthur Nattle Grigg. Hugh Roland Hart-Davies. Henry Jephson Hilary. [identified]

Miles Leslie Homan.

Norman George Laurence. Harold Vernon Lee. Kenneth Lyon. Arthur John Mack.

Kenneth Moore.

  Oscar Percy Mount.  Raymond Roope Reeve.  Guy Anthony McLeod Routledge. MM [identified]


Geoffrey Rayner.

John Sanderson Royle. Robert Rich Sharp. Thomas Shearer. Eric Wheatley Sollas. Stuart Percy Holmes Smith.

Cecil Grenville Weiss.

Raynsford Leopold Wemyss Whittaker.




Arthur N Grigg NZ 1916.jpg

Arthur Nattle Grigg  RFA 1938.jpg

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Some will have numbers on their MICs from those allocated to Cadet Gunners.

Most likely would be 130541 - 130740 for entry to No. 1 Cadet School, March 13, 1916 - June 15, 1916.

I see Grigg was 130631.

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Thanks for that. That may be useful... I had wondered about their service numbers, to have names of entrants as well as those commissioned..

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18 hours ago, battiscombe said:

Miles Leslie Hoinan.

I wonder if this should be Miles Leslie Homan, a 6'2", a Staffordshire born (1880) man who was ranching in Canada in 1915 when he attested tothe Canadian Expeditionary Force ?


edit- commissioned RFA SR

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yes, thanks. I realise that the names Hoinan/Homan and Mpore/Moore were mispelt in the Gazette lists. There were a fair number of NZ, Australian and Canadians amongst these it seems. And there are 3-4 unusually tall .. and older cadets.. so such details may indeed prove helpful

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