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Remembered Today:

Benjamin Hunter, 201212, Tank Corps


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Benjamin was my great uncle. I have previously posted about him but this is my last request on him.


I have his service record, medal card (depicting Victory Medal and British War Medal), medal rolls entry and medal index card for his Military Medal (I have also his entry in the LG). I have searched for his medal index card for his Bar to his MM but have failed. Would there have been an index card for the award of his MM Bar?

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Usually on the same mic or have I misunderstood 

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Benjamin Hunter is well documented in the Tank Corps Book of Honour.

Pages 270 'he displayed great determination and pluck'  and 392 'they captured the entire garrison'.

Do you have these references? If not I will do scans for you. 



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Good morning, thank you for your replies.


Coldstreamer - I have his MIC and Rolls entry and also his MM Card. His MIC only shows his Victory and British War medals as does his entry in the Rolls. His MM card (see image attached- courtesy of FMP) shows an additional remark of 'Awarded Bar LG63 Sch No 224788' and I am trying to find this entry. Any idea where I could find it?


INW - I have the 'Tank Corps Book of Honour' and also 'The war History of the Sixth Tank Battalion' - thank you for offering but no need to scan the entries.



MM medal card.jpg

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Benjamin was a Lincolnshire Tankie from Whaplode.  I have an interest in Tankies from Lincolnshire.  Have we corresponded by email?  I have a copy os his service papers and a photo of him with his his daughter in C1974.  His medals are at the Tank Museum.  If I can help please PM me.


Tanks3 (Alwyn)

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Does this June 19, 1919 Edinburgh Gazettes help you?


I think it just might - Bottom of right column of page 2170

[Has a MM after his entry - and page 2168 shows for a Bar and page 2171 has "(M.M.'s gazetted 19th March, 1918.")]

And just noticed [staring me in the face!] his 17 June 1919 LG https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/31405/page/7644 - again bottom of the right column

:-) M

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