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Louise Mary HOLMES

Jim Strawbridge

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The grave of Louise Mary Holmes is in Holy Trinity churchyard, Winster, Cumbria. A photographer friend (and member on here) kindly took a photograph of her grave marker which is to complement one that I already had. Needly to say I am disappointed to see that the O.B.E. has been changed to B.E.M., the latter of which was not instigated as such until 1922 - two years after Louise's death. Why couldn't the C.W.G.C. leave well enough alone?



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18 hours ago, DavidOwen said:

I presume you are letting them know?

All the documents on their website show OBE correctly


What would be the point ? The B.E.M. was instigated to wrap up under one umbrella several awards that existed. The CWGC has knowingly made the change. The truth is, though, if Louise Holme had survived she would be using the post-nominal letters O.B.E. and not B.E.M. What I haven't mentioned is that her actual name was HOLMES not HOLME

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17 hours ago, DavidOwen said:

So they got the name wrong too?


Free BMD

Holmes  Lily Mather    Auckland  10a 171  btnInfo.gif Scan available - click to view
Holmes  Lizzie    Ashton  8d 535  btnInfo.gif Scan available - click to view
Holmes  Louise Mary    Kendal  10b 697  btnInfo.gif Scan available - click to viewAdditional information available - click to view
Holmes  Lucy    Scarbro'  9d 351  btnInfo.gif Scan available - click to view
Holmes  Lucy    Barton I.  8c 713  btnInfo.gif Scan available - click to view



1901 census

https://www.ancestry.co.uk/imageviewer/collections/7814/images/WESRG13_4905_4908-0888?usePUB=true&pId=31377218   as Holmes


1911 census

https://www.ancestry.co.uk/imageviewer/collections/2352/images/rg14_05842_0385_03?usePUB=true&pId=42725796  initially as Holmes but it seems that someone crossed the "S" off.

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