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Finally purchased and reading Lyn Macdonald 's 'To the Last Man', not quite sure why I resisted this one to complete my set of her books. Lyn's 'Somme' was the first ever book on the Great War owned by yours truly, having been given to me as a young, spotty idiot one Xmas well over thirty years ago; it enthralled me, set me aghast, intrigued and excited me, and set in the head of a young kid the desire to visit these blood-fields for myself one day. Later I acquired Lyn's other works, equally impressive...yet one esteemed, internationally acclaimed (yet for polite reasons unnamed) military Historian once told me that, in his opinion, Macdonald's books could never be considered to be 'real' History...I thankfully disagreed with him and hold my opinion to this day. Her books were never intended to be full campaign histories, I guess, but any academic student worth his or her salt should always consult these books. Compassionate, understanding, listening...a wonderful series of strengths displayed by what was (also) a superb writer





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