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Ypres Rally 2020


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I just read that the Ypres Rally will be organised from 19 to 22 November 2020 and it will be a FIA World Rally Championship thing. Probably this will mean extra difficulties to visit certain places on these days.


I don't know anything more yet.


Battlefield visitors may want to avoid the area during those days.



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My Father and myself attended the Ypres 24 Hour Rally, on a couple of occasions, whilst visiting the Salient during the late 1970s.  I don't recall any problems getting around the surrounding area and the evening of the event was quite exciting, especially aorund the pit area behind the Cathedral. I remember the manager of one Irish Team swearing continually which caused my Dad to tell him to watch his language. As a result, we were sworn at and then given cloths and told to clean mud off a vehicle's lights and windscreens and help getting removed wheels out the way!


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Nowadays rallys, especially when it's FIA are completely different. you will most definitely not get to the cars... Even as a racing-medic and extraction team, you just get close enough once to do the extrication-training and that's it!! 

But I thjink it's great!! First time ever Belgium has a world championship race!! 

I'll definitely try to get down there that WE, armed with the rocket launcher and all the necessary material for some great battlefield and rally pics!! 




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