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German bayonet

Work dog

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Hi, just new to site and wondering if anyone could give any information regarding a German bayonet I have had in my possession for about 50 years.

i think it’s a type M1884/98 made by Weyersberg Kirschbaum and Co of Solingen Germany ....not sure of the significance of Erfurt.

was wondering if the regiment could be traced from the number .R.E.3.218. at the base of the handle and any way of dating it.

I swapped it for some toy cars when I was about 13 and am not sure if it’s the original scabbard,I can’t find any markings on it.
Also any ideas on value.

Many thanks.Jeff






















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Welcome to the Forum Work Dog, 

You are tight, It is the first type of the 84/98. This has the original 72/84 blade, dated 88 (1888) The double “names”, makers,  The W.K.C. For short, was a major maker, Erfurt was a State Maker. Fairly often, one commercial maker would start with the blade blank and form the blades and ship off to a State arsenal/maker to finish, the release, grips, cross guard and assemble them. 
R.E.8.218 should be The 8th Ersatz Infantry Regiment,, weapon number 218. Someone on forum here may correct me on unit. Usually there is a regiment number and a company number as well. Still, a nice piece you have there. These usually came with a leather scabbard with steel chape ( top) and final ( bottom) but there were some all steel ersatz scabbards.   Ersatz means (replacement) or substitute. I sure more members will chime in

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Thanks for that Steve..I’m a big reader on German military history, particularly the inter war years. Currently reading as much as I can on the history of the Freikorps but this has taken me in a new direction. Didn’t realise bayonets were so varied.

Thanks again for your reply. Jeff

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2 hours ago, Steve1871 said:

These usually came with a leather scabbard with steel chape ( top) and final ( bottom) but there were some all steel ersatz scabbards.  



Not an expert, but still chiming in here on the nomenclature.


The top metal fitting on a leather scabbard is the locket.

The bottom metal fitting is the chape.

The finial is the small, usually rounded, shape ( if present) at the very tip of the scabbard.




[EDIT: Workdog, thanks for taking the time to include tags with your post! It makes it possible to do good searches on a topic.]

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Nice piece S84/98aA, made from S71/84 bayonet with removed barell ring and new S98 pommel added for ataching on Mauser 98 system rifles, the maker of blade was WKC, finished by Erfurt state armory,in 1888 for Gew71/84 rifle, in early 20-cnt the change was done in some refurbishment centers. the scabbard is not proper, when 385mm long so probably for S98/05 butcher bayonet, with frog, that could be unit on backside? You should deciphere it 211R? or 2??B

The unit on crossguard could be different as there is dot in front of letter .R so the old serial number of regiment could be removed by finish of crossguard, is possible the unit is from older S1871/84 bayonet not for this new rework, Ersatz Battalion, 3.Company weapon nr.218.


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Thanks for your input JMB and Andy. Very interesting and hadn’t realised there were so many variables to do with bayonets.

The scabbard is 385mm Andy your correct...the blade is 250mm.

I think the marking on the frog is 211 T or  P



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Further markings
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The scabbard was hit by a bullet or shrapnell.the frog could be stamped with 21 IR for 21 Infantry Regiment.

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The scabbard has no markings at all, the frog only the feint letters cut in the leather and the actual bayonet is an old one that was modified to suit a different rifle at the beginning of the century. So I actually have 3 separate items as there is nothing connecting them. Do you think the frog and scabbard are compatible or match? Jeff

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The frog looks like from the S98/05 scabbard, You should proof attach gently on. without cracking, but is possible as the lower pouch is large so the both item are from same place, maybe there was lost the S98/05 bayonet and the S71/84 scabbard in time? As the blade of S84/98aA is clean so i assume a long time stored in proper scabbard as the pommel have a light old rust on surface.

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No problem, as You could see on scabbard, there is no rust in area of upper part where was a frog attached, when compared to remains of body.

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