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Hi Everyone,

I have come into the possession of an Officers record of service booklet (Army book 439) containing some personal documents and letters some of which relate to his MC award on the 4th July 1916 on the Somme. His name is Lt. Wilson Ratcliff who originally joined the KOYLI but quickly moved to the MGC. 

The MGC was disbanded in 1922 and this new form of warfare was amalgamated into the Armoured Corps. The Armoured Corps museum apparently only see the Heavy Section of the MGC as being in their sphere of interest?? My feeling is that these items rather than be sold should be in an archive, can anybody give me an idea who looks after Light (Lewis Gun) Branch archives?

I am waiting for a response from the KOYLI museum.


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Thanks for your efforts to make sure these items are preserved - the KOYLI Museum is certainly one possibility, or you could offer to them to the local archives in his hometown. In terms of other military collections, the Liddle Collection at Leeds University holds an important collection of documents relating to people who fought in WWI, and you could drop an email to see if they accept donations: ttps://library.leeds.ac.uk/special-collections/collection/723/liddle_collection


The National Army Museum in London is another good possibility: http://www.nam.ac.uk/


I'm afraid I wouldn't recommend the Imperial War Museum unless you're happy for your items to disappear into an aircraft hangar. Happy to be corrected if that's unfair.


All the best, John  

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The KOYLI museum is currently moving and is closed so I suspect their response will be delayed. The Liddle collection is a good shout, he hailed from Armley in Leeds. Will ping them an email. 

Thanks H

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That sounds excellent, hopefully they'll offer a good home for this material.




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