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Images of Le Quesnoy Aerodrome?


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I'm trying to find any online or other accessible digital images of Le Quesnoy airfield.  A relative flew from there in late September 1918 while serving with 11 Sqn and I'd like to gain an impression of the appearance of the site.


It seems there were 2 villages named Le Quesnoy in France.  One of the villages was fought over very late in the war, the village only being captured on 4 Nov 1918 as part of the Battle of the Sambre, and so it's unlikely my relative flew from that location the preceding September.  The other village is Le Quesnoy-en-Artois and it had an airfield located about 1km to the south in the vicinity of 50°19'11.00"N 02°03'45.00"E, just to the west of modern route D124.  I believe this is the likely location for my relative's unit in September 1918.


Any pointers as to where I might find images of the aerodrome would be very much appreciated.  

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4 hours ago, JWK said:

Found this : http://www.49squadron.co.uk/airfields/af1_zeauvis

although there they're talking about March 1918.

Looks to be the same place.


Yeah, I saw that site in my various googlings trying to find info about Le Quesnoy. 


Truth be told, I'm assuming that Le Quesnoy-en-Artois is the site of the airfield where 11 Sqn was based in Sept 1918.  However, I've been unable to find any other likely candidates.


I'm still hoping that, one day, I'll find a contemporary image that shows the airfield's general appearance.  Maybe one day...😊

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