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Frank Ashmore - WW1 airman

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Afternoon all


I’m looking into a friend’s family tree and have discovered her great great uncle was an airman in WW1. His name is Frank Ashmore, he was born in 1899, his service number is 99515 and he joined the service on 23 July 1917. But that’s all I can find on ancestry. I’d be very grateful if anyone could provide me with any more details.





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His brief RAF Service Record is on FindmyPast here


It shows he also had previous service with the Royal Naval Division. FindmyPast also have a RND service card here  Service Number Bristol Z/4825  Discharged underage.




British War Medal entitlement on the RNVR Roll here on FindmyPast

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Frank Ashmore (99515) was born in 1899 (Christened 20 July 1899) at Chesterfield, Derbyshire, the son of John Henry Ashmore and Clara Ashmore.

Chesterfield was his prewar residence (as per 1901 and 1911 Census) and his civilian occupation was cabinetmaker.  His .RAF service record

states that he served with the Royal Naval Division from 7 December 1915 to 1 January 1916 (clearly underage), and entered the Army on

23 July 1917, shortly after his 18th birthday.  Transferred to the R.F.C. on 4 September 1917, he was a fitter with the rank of Air Mechanic-

2nd Class.  His service record lists his posting as R.A.R.D. (no entry date given), then to 2 M.A.D. on 14 June 1918, for the duration of the

war.  Assigned to the Dispersal Center at Harrowby, on 4 April 1919, he was transferred to the R.A.F. Reserve on 3 May 1919.  His rank

as of 1 April 1918, when the R.A.F. was created, was Air Mechanic-3rd Class.  His address at discharge was 13 Victoris Street, Chesterfield.

A Frank Ashmore was married in Chesterfield, in 1927, but I am not certain this is the same man.  I hope this is helpful.




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