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Typical honours granted to UK War Hospital staff


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I've been doing some research into several War Hospitals (Maghull,  Craiglockhart and Palace Green) and am wondering if something might be deduced from the amount of state recognition (honours of various  sorts) that staff received. Nursing staff thus might gain a RRC, ARRC, 'B' mention, etc, while doctors  and other officers might sometimes receive some category of the Order of the British Empire (MBE, OBE, CBE, etc). Of course such recognition will depend on various factors, such as unit size, perceived quality of the work, etc, etc, but I'm wondering has anybody  crunched the numbers to determine what might be averagely expected in terms of such state recognition for medical and nursing staff? What is  the baseline? Failing any  hard data, impressionistic or anecdotal  information would be welcome. Thanks.



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