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2nd Lieutenant R S Dixon


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Hey Chaps,

I recently came across a WW1 identity bracelet belonging to a 2nd Lieutenant R S Dixon in the Royal Flying Corps. Other than a September 27th 1916 entry that mentions Lt H E Hartney & 2nd Lt R S Dixon and 2nd Lt J K Stead & Lt L Jefferson, 20 RFC, two-seater out of control Zuidschoote at 11:30, 

I cannot find any other records pertaining to the flier. I assume he was in the 20th RFC Squadron, but little else. Can anyone provide further information or point me in the right direction?

Many thanks and be well!



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This is all I found on him when I saw the id bracelet on eBay and decided to do a bit of research.


From the RAF Museum         https://www.casualtyforms.org/form/5703


It could be that he is 2Lt Reginald Samuel Dixon ASC  ( WO339/49276)



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In support of Steve's suggestion:


2lt  RS Dixon, ASC attached to 20 Squadron 


Source: http://www.airhistory.org.uk/rfc/people_index.html


FMP have medical records for an RS Dixon ASC.



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Curses-Only searched on Dixon,RFC rather than ASC as well.  It is odd that airhistory has only a single ref. for him-usually there are more, commission,medals,etc.  Is it possible that he was "returned to unit"?? I have several infantry casualties locally who failed  RFC training.

   And of course, as Steve has suggested that he might be one Reginald Dixon, then-horror of horrors from my childhood-I cannot get the vision of  the man of that name  banging away at a mighty Wurlitzer organ on Sunday morning  radio...Ah,the horror,the horror....

   I am away from Ancestry/FMP but is there a medal roll entry for him???   Airhistory is impeccable on listing RAF personnel from the initial listings in April 1918, which suggest that he was not serving with RFC/RAF by then.

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Reginald Samuel Dixon was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army Service Corps dated 15 November 1915 

following service as a Cadet with the Officers Training Corps (London Gazette 13 December 1915, p. 12422).  His

Medal Index Card (WO 372/6/40616 at the National Archives, Kew) states that he served as a Second Lieutenant

with the 34th Divisional Train, A.S.C. on the Western Front, and as a Lieutenant with the 921st Horsed Transport Company, A.S.C.

in Egypt and Palestine.  R.A. Sellwood's history of 20 Squadron, "Winged Sabres," indicates that Dixon served with the squadron

as an Observer, in September 1916.  As mentioned in an earlier post, his RAF Casualty Form confirms that Dixon was attached

to 20 Squadron, in the field, on 17 September 1916, was posted to the Machine Gun School on 29 September 1916,

returned from Machine Gun School on 6 October 1916, and returned to his unit on 15 November 1916.  Since Sellwood's

squadron history says that Dixon served only during September, 1916, it is likely that he returned to the A.S.C. after

brief service with the R.F.C.  His service with the 921st Horsed Transport Company was with the 54th Division, in Palestine,

during 1917-18.  That Dixon served with the A.S.C. after the R.F.C. is confirmed by his service with the 921st H.T. Company,

which was not assigned the 921 number until April, 1917.  The 34th Division embarked to the Western Front on 3 January 1916,

which is consistent with his receipt of the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.  Dixon's Medal Index Card does not state 

the date he disembarked, and the only service record for him is his Army Officer's Service Record in the WO 339 series at

the National Archives.



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