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Location on a trench map


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I am looking at 

Private 8689 Sidney Musson, 8th Batt,  East York’s Regiment

who was killed in action and still missing on the 3rd May 1917


The regimental diary states in the left column just “battle of Monchy ”, there is no map references etc.

Is there anybody who would know exactly on the trench map where the 8th Battalion started please?

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Does the diary provide any information with regard to who they relieved in the line? If so, that other battalion's adjutant may have been more diligent in recording the trench map coordinates. Similarly, if they deployed with other battalions at the same time, their diaries may record coordinates.

I have come across the following via a search of the forum, but it's clearly different battalions:



12th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment
War Diary

01 May Arras

Battalion still in Brigae Reserve. Hostile artillery shelled Arras in the vicinity of the station intermittently throughout the day. On this date orders were received that teh 9th Bde would attack Bois-du-Sart on Z Day.
930pm Marched to trenches near Tilloy, move completed by 1am. Weather dry and warm
02 May trenches near Tilloy
During the day Company & Platoon Commanders reconnoitred the route to the assembly position.
9pm The battalion marched forward (by companies) to its position of assembly in Shrapnel trench and west of that trench which is situated east of Monchy. A & D Coys were to occupy Shrapnel Trench from left to right, whilst B & C Coys had to dig cover for themselves or man shell-holes in rear of this trench. Durung the march the enemy put down a very heavy barrage of gas shells - mixed with shells of different calibre - on Monchy and on tracks leading up to the trenches. This caused casualties disorganised and delayed the assembly.
03 May Trenches
By Zero hour the Brigade was formed up in the trenches east of Monchy as follows:
Front line:
4th Bn Royal Fusiliers (Right)
13th Bn Kings Liverpool Regt (Left)
In Support:
12 Bn West Yorkshire Regt (Right)
1st Bn Northumberland Fusiliers (Left)
Distribution of battalion:- A & D Coys formed the leading two waves, followerd by B & C Coys in two waves. the distance between waves being 75 yards and between lines 50 yards. the battalion was orered to move at 200 yards distance in rear of 4th Bn Royal Fusiliers.
345 am At zero hour (3.45am) it was pitch dark and there was a very thick mist which lasted far into the morning. The attack commenced punctually at zero hour, but owing to the darkness, mist strong concentration of hostile MGs, prompt heavy hostile barrage and alertness of the enemy, the attack made very little progress and soon became more or less disorganised and me had to take shelter in shell-holes. Casualties: - Killed - Capt J H Getty, 2nd Lt H Booth, 2nd Lt P L Smith and 24 Other Ranks
Wounded:- 2nd Lt E G Groves, 2nd Lt A Holden, Lt W J Charsley, 2nd Lt E Bradley, Lt C Sanders, and 109 other ranks
Missing:- 2nd Lt R B Wooler and 26 Other Ranks
Missing believed killed:- 3 Other Ranks. Admitted to Hospital suffering from gas poisoning: 4 Other Ranks
The weather was very hot and the cause of much discomfiture to the garrison of the trenches. 
04-05 May Trenches E of Monchy
Battalion held position taken up on right 3/4 May. On the night 4/5th the line was reorganised and Battalion ordered to occupy line from O2 Central to O2b16 distributed in depth supports in Dale & Shrapnel trenches, the communication trenches were also deepened. During this period the enemy's MGs & snipers showed fresh activity, while hostile artillery was active on supports and near areas. Weather - hot & dry. 
casualties on May 4th Wounded:- 2nd Lt C Walbank, 2nd Lt M Firth, 18 Other Ranks
Casualties on May 5th Wounded:- 2nd Lt Cadderton and 10 Other Ranks. 
06 May Trenches E of Monchy
Battalion still in line. On the night 6/7 May the 9th Inf Bde extended its sector southward and relieved the 8th Inf Bde relief being completed by 2am. Enemy's snipers were active and also his artillery which shelled rear areas. Weather hot & dry. casualties:- 2 Other Ranks wounded.
7-10 May Trenches E of Monchy
Battalion in line. During this period the usual sniping & artillery activity were displayed by the enemy. On the night of 10/11 May 1st Bn Gordon Highlanders relieved the Battalion, relief being completed by 3am. On completion Battalion went into trenches about 800 yards north of Tilloy. Weather warm & dry. Casualties on 7th May Capt H S Sugars RAMC (Regt MO) and 5 Other Ranks wounded. Capt S McNaughton RAMC reported for duty as Regt MO. On 8th May 4 Other Ranks wounded. Capt A A Adams 2ld Lt R Baldwin and 2nd Lt J C Barker reported for duty on the 8th inst. On the 9th 1 Other Rank wounded. On the 10th 10 Other Ranks wounded. On the 11th 1 Other Rank killed. 2nd Lt P R Hall reported for duty on the 11th Inst.
11-14 May Trenches near Tilloy
In trenches near Tilloy.Battalion engaged in re-fitting and salvage work. Casualties:- 2 Other Ranks killed, 18 wounded (accidentally). Weather hot & dry.
15 May
5 to 8 am Marched to Simencourt arriving there at about 9.30am and going into billets. Weather dry and hot. Rev A J Huxtable reported for duty.
16-17 May Simencourt
Battalion in billets engaged in training. Rev H J Chaytor to base. Weather dry & hot.


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