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2355 L/Sgt. Goff, Rifle Brigade. Question

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Hi all, And hello to my new friends. I would like to know where this information has gone as i can't seem to reference it for my records.

Lance Sergeant 2355, Rifleman 1930, 2nd Battalion, Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort's Own). Born Cranfield, resident Wootton, enlisted Bedford. Killed in action 18th December 1914.


Sergeant 2355 William Goff and Pte 5254 Ernest Newman are both buried in Fauquissart Military Cemetery. Goff had elected to extend his service with the regiment to twelve years in March 1914, having originally enlisted in 1907. He already had some service before that, with the Volunteers and briefly with the regular army, but had been discharged on medical grounds. In recent years


This is the information that I want the rest of if possible. Please


Many thanks for any help that you can give me. Mick


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Ivor Anderson

Hi, Welcome!

I'm not sure what your specific question is? Is it about his earlier medical discharge? His pre WW1 service record has survived and is on Ancestry:


It includes a discharge certificate dated 31 May 1907 - service no. 2076 Rifle Brigade, stating (I think?) 'posterior curvature of the back dorsal region...not likely to become an efficient soldier'.



Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 16.51.49.png

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Thanks Ivor, Yes I was looking at his volunteer service recordes if possible (A Territorial Man)?

And thanks for the medical information that is of help to me. Mick

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