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#2 ID from MH106 record

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This one in MH106/683 entry 2404. Admitted 34CCS 2/7/16.


2420 J Pattison 2nd Border Regt. Age 23, 13 months field force service. GSW Left Foot.


Have checked the field service this time!


This seems to be the only record for this man. Not found medal records, casualty list or anything else. So probably another original error; name, number, regiment.


Should have 14-15 Star and Pair.


Number leads me to 2420 Moore, later re-numbered to 201067 4th Battalion or 2420 Neen 5th Battalion but not re-numbered?




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How about 4420 John Pattinson??  Length of overseas service, and age at presumed death don't tie back though. 





Images sourced from Ancestry






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Well he's a closer fit than anyone I've found to date.

Will see what else I can find.



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The number does look wrong to me …….


For the Border Regiment I think there were 4 different number series running in parallel (just before the outbreak at least).


There would be the regular number series - initially for the 1st and 2nd Battalions - and which was then used (I think) for all the war-raised service Battalions

The Special Reserve (3rd Battalion) number series (strictly prefixed with a 3/ but just as often as not missing the prefix in records)

The TF number series, one each for the 4th and 5th Battalions


You have already excluded the number 2420 for each of the 4th & 5th Battalions as they belong to other identifiable men (as per the medal rolls).


In the regular series, numbers in the 2000s were being allotted in the date range 1887 to 1890 meaning he wasn't even born when 2420 was allotted. By the outbreak, the regular series had reached into the 10000s and you don't find any serving man during the war with such a low number from the regular series.


For the Special Reserve, numbers in the 4000s were being allotted in the date range 1909 to 1914, so again he would not have been eligible to receive such a low number of 3/2420.


So I think you are looking for a man with this name (or similar) with a number that has somehow has been recorded incorrectly as 2420 -  perhaps Chris has found him.







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