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Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery, Manancourt

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This is a cemetery collection topic associated with a topic started here by @temptage  - Unknown British Airman at Rocquigny-Equancourt


The CWGC reports:

  • notice no mention of concentrations
  • check if the 6 of 20 unknowns includes the airman


Etricourt was occupied by Commonwealth troops at the beginning of April 1917 during the German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line. It was lost on the 23 March 1918 when the Germans advanced, but regained at the beginning of September.


The cemetery was begun in 1917 and used until March 1918, mainly by the 21st and 48th Casualty Clearing Stations posted at Ytres, and to a small extent by the Germans, who knew it as "Etricourt Old English Cemetery". Burials were resumed by Commonwealth troops in September 1918 and the 3rd Canadian and 18th Casualty Clearing Stations buried in it in October and November 1918.


The cemetery contains 1,838 Commonwealth burials and commemorations of the First World War. 20 of the burials are unidentified and nine Commonwealth graves (6 of which were made by the Germans) which cannot now be found are represented by special memorials. The cemetery also contains 198 German war burials and the graves of ten French civilians.


Here are the records for the cemetery:

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Just to record a few to get a feel for who is here, as I can check details on the Canadians quickly: (Newfoundlanders were not Canadian at the time, despite CWGC classification - but I can get their records)

  • Bryson #109055 in 8.A.21 was shot in the abdomen and died at No. 48 Casualty Clearing Station
  • Law #553026 and others died of pneumonia after the armistice
  • Collett #678245 in 1.F.11 was KIA by a bomb dropped from an aeroplane at No. 21 CCS

I have to figure out how to get the DATE RANGE with the new CWGC page!! Need to check some other POWs.

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20 Unknown soldiers and airmen. All present and correct. That number does include 3 German unknowns AND the man we are trying to track down. There is also another intriguing burial at 10. C. 32. From either of the 2 dates stated, there is only one airman unaccounted for and named on the Arras Flying Memorial, again.



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