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13th batt W.R court marshal


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now I have read lots of books,lots of war diaries BUT have never seen an entry like this

May 25th 1917,official notification of prvt watkins No 8132 suffered death by being shot at 4.43am15th May 1917

(A) when on active service deserted    his majestys service.

(B) resisting an escort.

is there nay way any GWF have more details,as they were on Yser canal bank at the time,could have been  executed in pop,then buried in pop cemetery ?.

I have iin the past tried(and filed)to find court marshal details



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Shot at dawn has George Watkins as a recalled reservist, he had originally enlisted in 1904. Landed in France 13/8/1914, served with 2nd Welsh at Mons. Twice wounded in 1915, subsequently posted to 13th Welsh. He went absent in December 1916 and was not arrested till March 1917. 

 Shot on 15/5/1917. Aged 31. Buried 3/C/12. Ferme Olivier Cemetery. 

Public Records ref. WO71/559. 

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thank you all very much, I did download the file from tna,more said on gwf than there, I now a man who knows a man who specializes in wr,,will e mail and see what he  knows  

I also know some one who lives not to far from Ferme Oliver and walks there,am curious to know what headstone says,


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I have been to farme Oliver and took photos of the 30 odd who were killed by a lucky shot when they were on parade.

as im doing so well any gwf know where/what replica  13th wr were training  on replica,problem is no one actually says what it is ? they helped build it,its not a rifle range,its not replica trenches and it deffo isnt a replica of the welsh rugby team,tho there  is much mention of rugby matches played when at Proven,I originality thought  that they were training in replica trenches but its NOT.,mind I did struggle for ages  into what a squiggle was,dear wife comes along and says oh thats a strombos horn  well fu :w00t: err well she was correct


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