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Infantry battalions with highest number of CWGC deaths? 


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Has anyone done or are aware of any research/GWF thread into Infantry battalions CWGC deaths? Specifically what is the highest or average CWGC death rate for an infantry battalion? 


I appreciate there are multitude of variances that make comparisons difficult and crude, but I am still interested in any findings. 


Thanks in advance. 


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It's easy enough to do a CWGC  search on a regiment basis, export into a spreadsheet and break the figures down on a battalion basis.

Of course the figures will be crude, but probably close enough to satisfy idle curiosity.

If it were as the basis of serious academic research or the basis for a book, you'd  have to look into it in far more detail.

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What Dai said.  To calculate the 'death rate' you would need to know the Battalion's strength.


Middlebrook did an analysis of the casualties on the 21st March in 'The Kaisers Battle' and lists the seven battalions who lost more than 100 men killed on that fateful day.  He also breaks down the losses for each Division.


I can't see how it would be possible for a meaningful comparison from 4 August 1914 to 11 November 1918 (or 20 March 1920 the date used to record casualties in Statistics of the Military Effort who broke them down by month; or 31 August 1921 [CWGC]).


Choosing a particular campaign or date would seem more practical.


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