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John Beer ASC - hospital parchment


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a friend of mine has just shown me the Memorial plaque to a great uncle - SS/19859 Pte John Beer 22 Labour Company ASC, died in hospital 28 Feb 1916 due to an allergy to penicillin. The parchment was sent to Mrs Beer on the 2nd March and was signed by all the patients and staff of the hospital, which meant he must have been highly though of....



Plaque John Beer.jpg

JB hospital paper 1.jpg

JB hospital paper 2.jpg

JB hospital paper 3.jpg

JB hospital paper 4.jpg

JB hospital paper 5.jpg

JB hospital paper 6.jpg

JB hospital paper 7.jpg

Also his reason for being in hospital....

Sickness paper.png

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I don't think the first documented case of penicillin allergy  happened much before the clinical introduction of the drug in ( off the top of my head 1940. Edit February 1941), or it's discovery in the 1920s. (Edit 1928.)


A hydrocoele is a swelling usually in the scrotum. A collection of fluid between layers of the sheaths that surround the testis or spermatic cord.

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In the days when I used to try to identify RE sick and wounded 1916 and their Units this list would have been most helpful. It would appear to date to February/March 1916. There is a Service Record for 102972 Samuel Edward Grimes which contains a document dated 21/03/1916 signed by (what looks like) A M Connell OC 3 Northern General Hospital, Sheffield.

694 J Gibson is on this Casualty List H 5906.


H 5906.jpg

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Thanks Guys,

much appreciated,


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