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Footballers in the RFA

Ian McCallum

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Hi Guys,


Hoping for some direction. Over the course of 1918 in particular, several high profile Scottish footballers joined or were conscripted into the RFA. Almost to a man they were posted to Edinburgh for basic training. A couple of months later they ended up at the Gunnery School in France? 

Was there an RFA training depot in or around Edinburgh in 1918? The Gunnery School in France !! It appears to have had an all conquering football team. Any information appreciated.



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Hi Ian,


6B Reserve Brigade RFA, consisting of 34, 35 and 36 Reserve Batteries was at Piershill Barracks, Edinburgh.

There was an Artillery School in each of the five Army areas in France. Do you have a more accurate location?

Do any of these footballers have surviving service records?

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Hi David,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately non of the footballer's records survive apart from Medal cards. From a newspaper report I know the Gunnery School football team played the 1st Bn Cameron Highlanders around the end July - August 1918. I think the game was played around Noeux-Les-Mines when the Camerons were out of the line.



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