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WW1 Coloured Photos


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Found these photo's whilst Browsing around, I would have put the link here but I'm afraid I dont know the procedure, but I'm :( sure someone will put me in the picture(gently I hope). The site is in the "World Armed Forces Forum"with the following web address

My Webpage If anyone has any idea where these may have been taken I'd be interested


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I couldn't find any color pictures on or near the web-address you mention. Sorry.

But it wouldn't surprise me if these pictures are the French autochromes made by the Photography and Cinematography Organization of the French Army.

You will find lots of these superb French pictures, with captions on their whereabouts, on http://greatwar.nl (especially on the pages 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the color pictures section).

Most of them were made in Northern France, some of them in Flanders, in 1917.

Hope this helps,


Picture attached shows a French soldier having lunch on the Place Royal, Reims, in 1917


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Sorry about the balls up just click on "My webpage"

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confused .com lol


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These photographs also feature in Hew Strachan's book written to accompany the recent Channel 4 series 'The First World War'.

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