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Corpl. James William Dobson 228th Royal Engineers No. 104398


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I am new to this forum so forgive me if I am posting this in the incorrect area. My g. grandfather James William Dobson was awarded the Military Medal in WW1. I have found and downloaded his service records which includes a letter that details his receipt of the medal after the war (when he was a police officer - see attached) but I can not find any citation. I have looked through the records on ancestry.com and the National Archives with no luck. Hoping someone with more experience could help. 


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The War Diaries for 228 Field Company are available at National Archives. Currently free to download you will just need to register first. There seem to be 3 diaries covering their service.

The link is here

It is probably the Last Diary that covers the period he was likely to have earned his medal. The Diaries are often lacking in detail but you might strike lucky. You will at least know the environment he was serving in. He seems to have been 228 Field Co from start to finish. Perhaps his award covered a number of courageous acts ?



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I couldn't find a 1920 newspaper clipping of the presentation. There must be a note somewhere. But here is a 1919 article, courtesy FindmyPast:

Grant ,Dobson and Coulthard are presumably the three MM winners referred to in the letter you quoted.





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3 hours ago, RobAl said:

I can not find any citation

Welcome to GWF

A great letter to find.

Unfortunately you are unlikely to find a MM citation as rarely [if ever?] formally produced as such [e.g. never reported in the London Gazette unlike for many higher awards]

Here's the LG entry for his MM. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/31469/supplement/9359

Generally 'For Bravery in the Field' [which you may also recognise from the reverse of the MM]

WD may offer general circumstances, but are unlikely to provide much [if any] detail - higher level ones [e.g. Divisional] may perhaps record a listing of such awards

As Charlie has already effectively indicated above you are probably best advised to look for newspaper [primarily local] reports as these may sometimes shed better light on circumstances - often with a photo.

Good luck.

:-) M

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Thanks for the replies and assistance. I have looked through the war diaries but no luck (although I could have missed his name - some are difficult to read). Like many others he didn't talk about the war so we may never know what the reason was. I only vaguely remember him as he died in the early 1980's. Here is a photo of James William - one of the few we have. It's a shame we don't have one of him in uniform.  

Jame W Dobson.jpg

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Honours and Rewards are named in the WD of the 4 Div A&QMG but it does not cover 1919. Local papers for Selby are the best bet.


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