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Bayonet identification ???


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Another mysterious bayonet
Blade and scabbard from Austrian M1895.
DMR guard -16mm
Pommel looks like from 98/05 but is a little "havy". Crossguard "hand made" but very precisely
I think this bayonet is for Mauser 1898, but who made this? Austrians, Germans, Romania, Turks ... ect.? Prive?

I will be grateful for any info.

Best regards Rafal








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This should be the trial version of M15 Mannlicher Schoenauer rifle in caliber 7,92x57IS, were 3 variation  of bayonet prepared, the shortest one with M95 Mannlicher blade, as is here. All information is prepared by Heino Hintermeier. b.r.Andy

MRD should be 15,5mm how long is the blade?

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