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British Officer with German batman - note found in book

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The crumpled note below was recently found in a book. However, the pencilled "page 151" on the note does not refer in any way to the book it was found in. I wonder if any "action" was taken?


"Lt Col Horton

I went into the bathroom this morning where I found a German whom I understand is your batman washing and shaving in the basin, this was at 1115 hrs.

This is sent for any action you may think fit.

[Signature illegible)



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FMP has two Lieutenant Colonel Hortons both doctors.

One (James Henry Horton) died in 1917 in Baghdad and was serving in the Indian Medical Service FMP link and the other William Claude Horton (RAMC) survived the war dying in 1974 in New Zealand. FMP link

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Tom Tulloch-Marshall

There was also a Lt Col Charles Woodriffe Horton in the RASC.


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