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7 Sqn, RFC April to October 1917?


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Can anyone assist with daily operations for 7 Sqn, RFC from April to October 1917, inclusive?


Failing that, would anyone have scans of the flying log books for those dates, for any of the following 7 Sqn pilots:


2Lt Ronald Innes Macpherson                                   

t/Capt HG Bowen                                            

t/Lt JA Pullan                                     

Lt Robert Kilpatrick Muir                                              

2Lt Frank Menzies Green                                            

2Lt CB Wattson                                

2Lt Joseph Buckley                                         

Lt C Pilkington                                  

Lt Rollo Amyatt Wolseley de Haga Haig                                  

Capt Ralph Hinsworth Jarvis, MC              


Many thanks in advance.  

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