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Martin Lepley

Identification of Battalion Essex Regiment

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Martin Lepley

I am following a man who was in the 2nd Bn Essex Regiment.


He is wounded 25th May 1918, and after some time in hospital ends up in the 9th Bn Essex Regiment, and is KIA September 1918.


Is there any visual marking which identifies your battalion like a badge etc? On the Commonwealth War graves commission. His exhumation papers said 2nd Bn although final battalion says 9th.


The Guy (Pvt Robert John Henry MONTEITH) also fills out his soldiers will whilst in the 9th Essex. Did he get a new pay book when he changed, or just not filled it out when in the 2nd Bn? The Medal index and roll do not give any detail as to which Battalion. His soldiers Effects says 9th.


Did his pay book still say 2nd (assuming it gives battalion) which confused people when they buried him (the first time) and he just didn't fill the will out until after the went back in to the 9th?


He was wounded when the 2nd Bn went back in to the front line trenches. (not an attack) so I assume would still have his pay book with him.




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