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Available online: Valour Triumphs: A History of The Kumaon Regiment by K C Praval 1976. Contains a chapter on WW1, mainly in respect of the Middle East theatre.



 Copy and paste the following link in your browser

http://lib.perdana.org.my/PLF/PLF2/Digital_Content/PLF/000013/OCRed/Valour Triumphs.pdf  (this link is not valid to click on, copy and paste only), or
access the archived version Archive.org.


WW1 period the regiments were 

1st/50th Kumaon Rifles from April 1918- (previously named 4th/39th Kumaon Rifles from November 1917, and raised October 1917 as 4th/ 39th Garhwal Rifles)

 94th Russell's Infantry

 95th Russell's Infantry

 96th Berar Infantry

 97th Deccan Infantry

 98th Infantry

 99th Deccan Infantry






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Matthew B.

Thanks as ever Maureen!

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