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Pension index card for an Officer, is there anything else


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Hello good people of the forum.

On Fold3, I found this index card for my Great Grandfather who was an Officer.

Because I have this, does that mean the ledger, or something else comes with it?

If so, I'm unable to find it on Fold3, or has it simply not been digested yet?

Do the numbers on it correspond to the ledger?

So many questions, I hope someone can help.

Thank you for your time, it's appreciated.




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This is the right place for this enquiry isn't it?




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Alf McM, you're a star, thank you.

It'll probably be a couple of years now for that eh?




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On 24/05/2020 at 11:00, alf mcm said:

The Officer's pension records have not been digitised yet, but are due to be done.


Without wanting to raise expectations too high - some/many officers' records have already been digitised and are available to view though many/most probably remain to be done.

As an example this officer - However if you look at the above officer's pension card and then scan the thumbnail images around his card "Walker" is quite well represented.

I have seen many others officers' cards - many/most seen seeming to be Home Service and Reserve [Army & Navy (RNR)] and Airforce [especially 'OAF/Overseas Air Force'] = always worth a try looking.

Good luck!

:-)  M

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