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RMLI training for Privates at Deal in 1916


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I am trying to 'flesh out' detail of the training that my Grandfather would have received when he arrived at Deal on and after the 18th November 1916 when he arrived at Deal aged 17 years and 1 month, and was assigned to F Company. On the 5th December 1916, he passed his School certificate 3rd class, 8th January 1917, he passed his Swimming tests. On 14th March 1917 he passed his Section Commander's course. On 21st April 1917, he passed his Musketry and Bombing test. He left Deal on 30th May 1917 for Chatham and H Company. In November 1917, he embarked on HMS Champion.


Are there any autobiographies by RMLI Privates that commented on the 6 months training ? It is really the anecdotal' i am seeking, rather than the RM rules of training content etc.


Many thanks



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Although not possible at the moment (Covid closures) you could, in due course, approach the Royal Marines Museum (National Museum of the Royal Navy) who doubtless have diaries/memoirs which could inform you of the routines at Deal.

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