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ww1 or earlier gaiters possibly

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Hi there. I have a pair of gaiters that are around ww1 era I believe. I know as the American soldiers got settled into the trenches they used less of these and more of the puttees. Just wanted to ask and see if anyone knew any info about them. For all I know they could also be French gaiters, because I know they used them during the First World War as well. The only two stamps on the inside of them are a B and the number 15 right below it. Thanks. D3B25D45-B6A7-4763-9699-353A5D8AD918.jpeg.0525f3d62d822a2438d690b362eebaeb.jpeg57248313-E6EB-4946-9322-99AE8802426D.jpeg.31e422e047b995b6599144a96e7686e0.jpeg374123B1-9B6B-40DA-98FD-09738EBF6941.jpeg.ae56aed104cce44d6c8110c7fdf52d88.jpeg

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