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Polish units interned in Germany?


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Hello everybody,
I am currently researching a larger inventory of historical photographs from the Güstrow POW camp in Mecklenburg.
According to the written records in the photo album, several photos show a Polish army corps including regimental orchestra and families of the officers; unfortunately only dated 1917/18 (presumably it was only a smaller unit, estimated at most 100 people). It is said they have been captured in Ukraine. After comparing uniforms on the Internet, Polish unity is conclusive. My question would now be, what kind of troop could it be? Originally, the Polish legions fought on the Austro-Hungarian side and later on the German side. Could it be a unit that was interned after the Kaiser Oath Crisis in July 1917? Does anyone know more about these Polish prisoners and whether they really were interned in core Germany?
Thanks for any kind of help!


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Hello Tom!

After the Russian October Revolution in 1917, Józef Piłsudski and his legions laid down their arms and refused to continue fighting for the Central Powers, as the war goal of the Polish legions had already been achieved with the defeat of Russia. Józef Piłsudski was then interned in Magdeburg.

The Güstrow camp (commander: Oberst v. Matheson) was a camp for soldiers and NCOs with about 120.000 prisoners.

In a list (see link below) are no polish people mentioned. Probably they belonged to the 426 "Sonstige" (other countries)


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Hello Andy,
of course I know the website of the local Researcher. You can also find one of the photos of the Polish soldiers there (link). I am very familiar with the history of the camp in Bockhorst but so far there are no informations about Polish prisoners. For my own web project I am interested in details of this part of the war. The question is also: whether these soldiers were by definition considered as prisoners of war? Internment is said in some Sources? I am interested in further information: how long did they stay in German internment etc.? Facts are difficult to find ...

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Ah, ok. Unfortunately I can´t help you. I don´t have further infos. But your site is brilliant! The was a lot of work! Great job!

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