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Photo ID - is this Lt-Col. William Robert BERTRAM, Canadian Infantry (ex-Gordon Highlanders)?


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I would be most grateful if anyone can confirm whether or not this gent was William Robert Bertram, who served as a Lieutenant with the Gordon Highlanders before the war and later as a Lieutenant-Colonel with the Canadian Infantry.  At some point he was with 8th Canadian Infantry Battalion (90th Rifles), on the HQ staff of 1st Canadian Infantry Division.  He is also cited in the London Gazette as being with the Manitoba Regiment.


Another possibility is Lt James RITCHIE, who died in 1912.


Any insights appreciated! 


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The photo does show an officer of the Gordon Highlanders below the rank of Major.  The Bengal Tiger collar badge is unmistakable.




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Thank you for sharing the great uniform photos!


Yes, the officer in question was a Lieutenant, serving with 1st Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders, which was William Robert Bertram's battalion at the time.

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