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ASC Soldier wounded at Gallipoli


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Hi All ,


Researching my Wifes Great Grandad Private Walter Dutfield  ASC 


All i have is his Medal roll , what i can understand from it is that he was with the Worcesters and then went into the ASC at some point arriving at MEF 14/06/1915 


I know the 4th Worcesters were at Gallipoli and they had a large draft of men brought in during this time. Im not sure how the ASC works , would it have been the case that the Worcesters have their own ASC and moved men into it from the battalions? or was the ASC totally separate?


From what i can glean from his medal roll would i be right in saying he was invalided out after being wounded with a Silver Wound Badge (SWB) and what does the reference mean L/693 


I know if his service docs are not available its much harder to find out about his movements but any assistance would be appreciated 


We know he went to Gallipoli as he bought a Gallipoli Star back with him 



Pte Walter Dutfield 85116 ASC.JPG


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Thank you both very much thats fantastic !  So it seems he was ASC then was transferred back to the Worcesters after his wound ?

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Just found his Silver War Badge entry, states Illness.  If he was transferred out of ASC and put into Worcesters as a Private , how would have this have happened? at his request after being evacuated from Gallipoli and not fit to be in ASC anymore? I would have thought he would have remained in ASC in England until his discharge?  Th Worcesters would have been at Gallipoli with him , would he have transferred on that basis?

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