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Isaac Marshall Baird. Railway Operating Division Royal Engineers


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Good morning


I have been looking into the records of Isaac Marshall Baird who served as a driver with the Railway Operating Division Royal Engineers. Prior to the War he served with the 1/3 Lowland Field Company Royal Engineers, Territorial Force with his service number 5263. Isaac attested for service in WW1 with the Royal Engineers on the 11th of October 1915 as a sapper, however I am unsure of a few things which I would appreciate assistance with. He had a later service number of 261194


1. Prior to the War he was a Locomotive Driver which I think was recognised as he served with the 1/3 Lowland Field Company Royal Engineers as early as 1915. Therefore why would he have been ranked as a Sapper when he attested?

2. Where did he spend time at home between October 1915 and January 1917 and if known who with?

3. He left the Royal Engineers and spent three months in late 1916 with the North Staffordshire regiment 3rd reserve inf brigade from 21/11/16 arriving overseas with them disembarking at Boulogne on the 7th of January 1917. On the 12th of January he was re-transferred to the Royal Engineers and on the 14th was tested to see if he was an Engine Driver. Why did he spend time with the Staffs who were an infantry regiment? I presume for training purposes?

4. I see he was ranked as a 2nd Corporal with 21 Company in November 1918 and it was recommended that his rate of pay be increased as he was a 'very superior driver'. Who did he serve with prior to this and joining the ROD in 1917?


He has problems with his shoulder during the war and was suffering from Psoriasis and Rheumatism. The record about where and when he was admitted to hospital is pretty unclear but he does seem to spend time at No2 stationary Hospital from 4/1/19 to 19/1/19. After being discharged under class Z instructions on the 15th of June 1919 he was demobilised on the 31ST of March 1920 and he emigrated to New York. Shortly after arriving in New York he died on the 8th of January 1921. His mother was not happy that his medals recorded him serving with the staffs and not the Royal Engineers. If anyone could assist with the questions it would be greatly appreciated. As many are aware I am writing articles of individual men from Uddingston who served in ww1 for a book. Without the help of those on the forum I don't think it would have been at all possible.







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