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dont know if there are others on the forum that buy job lot of tickets for eurotunnel, Frequent Traveller scheme.

I had been thinking about the two scrapped trips this year so far and the next due inside a month, I contacted ET today and mentioned the governmental restrictions on travel in the UK and France and

as my tickets are supposed to run out in February next year, I could not see us using them in time.in the email, I mentioned restrictions and I have heard no travel in France over 100km from the port or terminal and had they had any thoughts about extending the valid to date to help us.

had a reply within 3 hours.

Thank you for your email.

I note that you have unused tickets on your Frequent Traveller account that you will be unable to use before it expires on 23/02/2021. All our Frequent Travellers are important to us and we are working hard to be able to offer you the opportunity to travel with us at a later date by extending the validity of your account. However this is taking some time but you are on our list and we will be in touch very soon. Please bear with us whilst we complete the development.


hopefully a positive response and have also asked Sanef if they will stop charging monthly charges due to the restrictions.... awaiting a reply but I think I will have to cancel it.

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Thanks for the reminder Chaz.  I have 4 unused "tickets" i.e. 2 return journeys and they expire in September.  I will probably wait a week or two before I enquire if there will be an extension.  By that time the position may have become a little clearer/easier on both sides of the Channel regarding travel.



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As it happens, I've had an email today from Eurotunnel saying they are extending the validity period of the tickets for 12 months so that's good news.



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good news... todays update

We know that this is a very unsettling time for everyone. As the lockdown continues, and Government restrictions stay in place, we have listened to your requests, and made the decision to extend the validity of all of our Frequent Travellers’ tickets by 12 months.

Hopefully this will help you dream of ventures back across the channel in the future. We certainly look forward to welcoming you much sooner than 12 months away, but decided it was simplest just to ensure you have plenty of time to make plans.

There’s no need to contact us, you should just see it change in your account at some point in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your continued support,

Customer Relations
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle


had a reply from the tag people

We only charge a annual fee of 6 Euros to  keep your account open and the tag active, the tags have a battery life of 5 to 7 years.

To close your account please return your tag and we will refund the 20€ deposit.

does not really answer the question on the charges as their web site says they only charge for the months you use it.

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