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Demob Medical Term i/d?

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WW1 Demob papers of John Pembridge Prosser, which was tracked down by the members of this forum, thanks again. I am analyzing, which is not easy, trying to de-cipher the faint hand written entries, maybe in pencil! There is one entry under 'Vaccinations, Examinations etc' which is clear, however I cannot find a convincing interpretation, and therefore would be grateful if anyone can help. The entry is -

Entry under 'Brief details' - 1. 21/9/16 - 'Inoculation against Typhoid' (thats clear enough), then below 9/1/17 - 'T.M.B. Classification Ct.'

The only medical association I can find is Tumour Mutational Burden, however I'm pretty sure this quantitative measure of potential cancer was not identified in 1917.

Any help/information would be appreciated.

MIUK1914A_086301-00284 (2).jpg

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Travelling Medical Board Classification C1


See here -



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