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2/Lt. D.J.Grubb

Chris Noble

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Evening Pals.

I was approached at work by a colleague regarding the above gentleman. She believes him to be a relation and would be interested to know anything about him or the actions surrounding his death at Gallipoli 15/8/15.

Any info much appreciated.

Regards, Chris.

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As always a great starting point - aside from LLT above - is Tom Johnstone's Orange Green and Khaki. Pretty sure Liam Curran will see this ...

Gives info on all Irish Regts. in WW1 and from memory there's quite a bit about Innis. Fus.

Plus - any idea where he was from. If you have a location, it is more than likely he was featured in the local paper. I could point you in right direction if he's from the north.

More info and you never know what might come up.


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Hello Chris,

As Des says, I have a copy of "Orange, Green and Khaki" which describes the action on Kiretch Tepe Sirt on the day your man fell. I also have a copy of Cooper's "Tenth Irish Division at Gallipoli", which gives a more detailed version of the battle. Cooper mentions your man by name, but just as a casualty among the officers.

Let me know by PM if you want a copy of the relevant sections.



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