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Sufolk Regt Collar Badge


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A friend of mine  asked me if this is WW1 or WW2, I have no idea as this is not what i collect...can anyone confirm ww1 or ww2



Suffolk Regt Collar Badge.jpg

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Those are correct Suffolk Regiment collar badges for the WW1 era, but not routinely worn on service dress.  They were intended for full dress tunics and undress frocks.

The pre-1902 collar badge had two towers and post-1902 triple towers and a flag.  The change was due to a war office order standardising the representative design for the fortress of Gibraltar to be used by all regiments with that campaign honour.




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15 minutes ago, Jockbhoy67 said:

thanks frogsmile... so would it be inter war or post ww2? i think he dug it up.

Any time after 1902, but worn on khaki service dress from around 1924 onwards through until battle dress was introduced in 1937.

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