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Operation Blücher-Yorck, Part II


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Part II - Operation Blücher-Yorck, 1 - 6 June 1918. Kaiserschlacht - was the final military offensive of the German Army in the Great War, starting 21 March 1918. The campaign included four offensives code named Michael, Georgette, Gneisenau, and Blücher-Yorck. Operation Blücher-Yorck launched seventeen Stormtrooper divisions for the first attack which began at 01h00 27 May 1918 advancing through a 25-mile gap and reaching the River Aisne in under six hours. Eight Allied divisions, between Rheims and Soissons, were pushed back to the river Vesle. By that night the German Army gained another 10 miles. The town of Soissons fell on 28 May 1918, and over the following days the German Army drove further towards Château Thierry and the River Marne, where Allied forces fought to hold back the advance. Advancing to within 35 miles of Paris by 3 June, the German Army, having suffered significant additional casualties from Allied counterattacks, encountered supply problems and, as fatigue took its toll, halted on the Marne on 6 June 1918 - Operation Blücher-Yorck was over.


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