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Remembered Today:

All Saints Primary School, Runcorn WW1 Lost Memorial

stuart rowles

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This memorial was "Lost in Action" when the old school was pulled down in 1977 and never seen again.


The names of the fallen were listed as:

Ashley, Percy W
Atherton, Harold
Bate, Wm
Bennett, Neil
Booth, Ernest
Cawley, Wm H
Clarke, Samuel
Comes, Harry
Derbyshire, Thos
Dutton, Wh H
Dwerryhouse, John
Ellison, John W
Fletcher, Herman
Gibson, Fred
Graham, Thos N
Haddock, Arthur
Harvey, Thomas
Horton, Wm E
Hughes, Arthur
Hunt, Charles
Hunt, Fred
Jones, Joseph
Kinsey, Ralph
Lawrinson, Albert
Lightfoot, Albert
Lightfoot, Ernest
Lines, Alfred
Lowe, George
Lydiate, Walter
Millinghton, John
Moores, Arthur
Munroe, Wm A
Newport, Richard
Percival, George
Povey, Thos
Prescott, John
Price, Richard
Pye, John
Ravenscott, Robert
Rowles, Frank
Rowlinson, Fred
Shepherd, Frank
Shepherd, George A
Sherlock, Arthur
Sherlock, Ernest
Sidwell, Richard
Steele, Albert E
Thompson, Peter
Worthington, Frank
Yarwood, Albert



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There is a book "The Parish. The History of Runcorn All Saints C.E. Primary School"


It was published in 2002 but there may be hope.


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  • 2 years later...

Spoke to the author but no luck there.

He has not seen the memorial and does not have a photograph of it.

There must be someone out there that has a picture of it surely.

What else can I try.

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I might be stating the obvious here Stuart but an All Saints Runcorn Primary School memorial may have gravitated to another in use location.  This occasionally happens.  Local to me I have one moved and "lost" found in an affiliated Church cellar and another moved and "lost" found in a local museum storeroom.  There is hope.

I picked a curious name - J/John Dwerryhouse.  There is a J/John Dwerryhouse named on both the All Saints WW1 Chapel in Runcorn (IWM WMR 52333) and the WW1 Alter at St Benedict's RC Chapel (IWM WMR 42922). Warrington 

Both of these locations are still in use.  In the absence of any other leads, I'd give them a call.

Longer shot - the current All Saints' CE Primary School, Church Street, Runcorn, Cheshire may have inherited it?

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I would definitely contact All Saints Church, especially if the school was affiliated with it. Whoever made arrangements for the school to be pulled down could have some information.

I have attached the newspaper report of the unveiling. It says the memorial has illustrations of the church, it might be possible the church has a record of who made it and possible a photo or a sketch of the proposed memorial. The record (if any exist) may have been deposited with the local archives.

Good luck.

Runcorn Weekly News - Friday 09 April 1926 .pdf

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