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What is a Service Regiment?


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My Great-Uncle joined up in 1914 to Kitchener's Army (K3) and was put in the 13th Middlesex (Service) Regiment (24th Division).

Can anyone tell me what a Service Regiment was and what it did?

Also - any info on the 13th Middlesex (or how to get it) would be great.

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Basically (and there is more to it than this) a Service battalion was a "New Army" battalion raised specifically for war service only. They are battalions of regiments that did not exist previously.

What did they do? Basically the same as the regular battalions but for the duration of the war (and a little afterwards) only.

You can find a lot about the 13/Middx. in The Diehards in the Great War by Everard Wyrall. This has been re-printed by the N&MP.


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13th (Service) Battalion

Formed at Mill Hill in Sept 1914 - to South Downs in 73rd Brigade, 24th Division. Dec 1914 Hove. May 1915 Shoreham. June 1915 Pirbright. 2/9/15 landed at Boulogne. 11/11/1918 73rd Brigade, 24th Division; moving to Le Louvion, east of Bavai.

You are best doing what Dave suggests.. ie. getting hold of the N&MP reprint of Everard Wyrall's book.



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