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The John Wylie Collection (new thread)

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On 09/07/2020 at 14:14, dhubthaigh said:

I've had another look and Wylie is David Smith Wylie, an Auchterarder lad. He was No. 265266 then 220302 Camerons.


Attached is his entry from the Auchterarder RoH.


He died in Stirling in 1964 so whoever wrote the card did so more than fifty years after the picture was taken.......





David Wylie.jpg



I might need to talk to my colleague. Some of these may be from another collection that has been mixed in with Wylie's stuff. They are still 6th Battalion. Not sure of the man's name (possibly Stott) but his daughter donated a collection. This man collected many photographs and newspaper cuttings. I think he served with these men or knew many of them. Will keep adding them and if find the ones that are from the other collection, i will say so. The next one may be from this other collection. Hope not too confusing.





John Wylie Forum post 64.jpg

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