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Ammunition Abbreviations

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Quick one can any body tell me where I can find a list of ammunition abbreviations, I've been going through a few different WD's latley and I've come across them a few times and have managed to guess them in the lower level diaries but I'm reading a corps at the mo and have just come across the attached and thought I'd best learn! 


Thanks in advance 




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I’m a Gunner, GW obsessive and I’m just another rabbit in the headlights here.  I do know that  BX was the HE shell for the 4.5 inch Howitzer.  AX was the equivalent for 18 pounder HE shell...someone somewhere must have the relevant RAOC pamphlet that refers?

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One suspects there would be some poor Staff Officer at Corps HQ asking the same question. This may help..... 


From <https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/258135-types-of-artillery-rounds/>




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