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Henriville Military Camp, Boulogne


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Whilst individual units had war diaries, does anyone know if training / detention sites in France had similar - specifically Henriville Military Camp, Boulogne.
Im looking at the treatment of CO's and wondered if any record of their arrival, treatment, punishments etc existed anywhere?

Thanks all

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Norman Gaudie


address:East Boldon



Rank:Conscientious Objector

Service Record:unknown


People fought battles in their own way, sometimes not just for themselves but the greater good of everyone. Even those people sometimes had to pay the ultimate price for their beliefs, one such person who sacrificed himself for his beliefs and others was Norman Gaudie. Norman was 28 and working as an accounts clerk on the North-Eastern Railway when he was called up. The son of a Quaker, he was a pacifist and objected to any form of military service, that would aid the war effort. In March 1916, Gaudie made a claim for total military exemption at a tribunal in East Boldon which was refused.He was then posted to the 2nd Northern Non-Combatant Corps based at Richmond Castle where he became one of the Richmond Sixteen.

On May 29 1916, the Richmond Sixteen were taken from their cells and sent with other conscientious objectors to Henriville military camp, near Boulogne in France where they were given 24 hours to consider if they would follow orders or risk being shot for continuing in their disobedience.

On June 24 1916, the court martial passed a sentence of death but this was commuted to 10 years hard labour under orders from Prime Minister Herbert Asquith.

After returning to the North East he became a director at a sugar manufacturer, and remained a committed pacifist. He died in Boldon in 1955, aged 67.

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The book Voices Against War: A Century of Protest




It mentions Henriville Military Camp quite a lot and the men!



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Can't find a specific file for this camp on Kew's Discovery database. You may be able to find a lead in the Boulogne Base War Diary which runs from August 1914 to Feb 1920,ref WO95/4016.


As there was a Provost Marshal's office on Boulogne Base he may have a segment of the main Diary.

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