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No. 5 Stationary Hospital location.

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i am just trying to do a bit of amateur detective work.

No 5 STATIONARY hospital.


I am getting conflicting results on its location.


I know at the early stages of war until Dec 1914 it was at Le Mans.


Then it seems to be in two places at once.


I Thought it was based at Dieppe going by records and Mr Google from Jan 1915 until 1920, but it also seems to be at Abbeville according to some google hits.


There seems to be a section A and a section B to No 5 stationary hospital.


it is a nuisance to clarify as there is a No 5 general hospital that people seem to confuse and also the Canadians had a No 5 as well to add to the mix.


Anyway could anyone confirm if it was split during the war from 1915 to 1920 to two locations or was it just Dieppe.


Just trying to research a RAMC chap. 









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These war diaries will clarify where it was https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_q=wo+95+"5+Stationary+Hospital"&_sd=&_ed=&_hb= - these will soon be free to download per recent announcement by The National Archives

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From :Location of Hospitals and Casualty Clearing Stations BEF 1914 - 1919 Compiled by Ministry of Pensions.


No. 5 Stationary Hospital ROUEN 20th August 1914 - 12th September 1914 


No. 5 Stationary Hospital (B. Sector)  ABBEVILLE October 1914 - May 1919 (Known as 2nd Stationary Annexe)


No. 2 Stationary Hospital ABBEVILLE 18th September 1915 - 17th January 1920

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