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Kevin Witkum



       I have what I believe to be in authentic German M1907 Feldmützen Cap. I’m wondering if someone could please help me identify it and tell me a little bit about it and if it is real or not. As well as what it is worth. Thank you!






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mark holden

From your pictures I would say the Feldmutze is original based on the wear to the nap of the cloth. I think the cockades have been resewn judging by the bright red thread on the National cockade. As to value £200-£300

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1907/10 mutzen, with German national (red whit black) corkaden and Prussian black and white. Red band is usually for infantry  with an issue stamp and date

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Paddy 60th

The stamp is the clothing depot and stands for Kriegsbekleidungsamt Garde which was the wartime depot of the Guard Corps. This info is from  the book  ' Feldzug Vol.1  1914 ' by Michael Baldwin.

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