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Battle of Bazentin Ridge


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Having captured Mametz Wood on 12 July 1916, the British Army then proceeded to capture High Wood during the Battle of Bazentin Ridge. High Wood, west of Bazentin, has long been rumoured to contain upwards of 8,000 burials, some of which may or may not have been exhumed and placed in London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval. The property owner has preserved the wood, hoping one day it will be properly examined. With 3,114 of the 3,873 burials at London Cemetery unidentified, it is highly likely some of these men were interred here, or in Flatiron Copse Cemetery (420 of 1,572 burials unidentified). Some of the cemeteries with identified soldiers of this action would include Bazentin-le-Petit Military Cemetery (formerly Singer Circus Cemetery), Bazentin-le-Petit Communal Cemetery Extension, Bazentin-le-Petit Communal Cemetery, Quarry Cemetery (Montauban), Contalmaison Chateau Cemetery, and Dantzig Alley British Cemetery (Mametz).


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