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New Zealand Wolseley pith helmets.

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I need some information on The pith helmet the Wellington mounted rifles battalion wore during the Gallipoli campaign. How were the puggarees folded? Did they even have a pith helmet? I cant find any information on pith helmets let alone New Zealand ones...

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I have two Gallipoli era Wolesley helmet/Solar Toppee's in my small collection . One worn by a 10th Nelson MR  officer and another by a Otago Mounted Rifles Trooper .Other ones I have seen have a strip of puggaree (the band off a felt hat) down the left side as worn , to show which branch they were , i.e infantry / mounted /NZNC.

10th Nelson MR Helmet 20191105_163853 (2).jpg

OMR WW1 no pug.JPG

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A borrowed  example of the puggaree strip on the side of the helmet . Khaki/Green/Khaki for mounted rifles. This one is infantry. 

Infantry helmet.JPG

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